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Design with Health in Mind

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Renovating or redecorating a room and interested in making the room healthy and less toxic?  I am here to help make the process a little simpler.   I am here to help you create environments that are not only beautiful, but spaces that you can feel confident living in.  Whether you simply want to redecorate a room, create a nursery or build a house from the ground up, together we can walk through products that can fit your budget and look.

I am here to help you feel confident with what you put in your home and what it is made out of.

If you are looking to work with me to audit your cleaning products, personal care products, or pantry... Click Here
Professionals looking to be certified please visit:

Our Services

Pillows And Blankets
Roller and Tray
On the Road

Room Refresh

If you are looking to refresh a room or design a baby nursery, and wondering what brands may provide the look you want while also being conscious of environmental health, then this services is for you.


Home renovation can be daunting.  If you are looking to renovate or build from scratch, let us help you with materials.  We can help you select healthier materials that you can feel confident about in your new space.


Looking for a combination of our services?  Reach out and we can put together the program you need to help you thrive in a low toxic environment.

Ready to Design with Health in Mind?

  • Complementary 20 minute introduction call

  • Packages for this are all custom depending on what the client is looking for.

  • Email to set up a consultation

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